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Hertfordshire Schools Journey Planner - Quick Help (?)

The journey planner allows you to input your home postcode and select a Hertfordshire school. You will be offered four travel options - public transport; walking; cycling; driving. For detailed information please see left hand tabs.

Select your home address

To search for the start and end points of your journey use the text boxes; for your home address enter the postcode, then select the correct address. You may need to click the 'plus' sign to get a more accurate address display. Alternatively you can right click on the map. You can also move the 'pin'.

Selecting schools

You will be offered schools in Hertfordshire and schools in neighbouring Local Authorities. Once selected click on the school "pin" to display school details.

Please be aware that proximity to school gates is approximate as the journey planner will go to the closest point on the road network to the school coordinates (the pin).

To plan the return journey press the green arrow keys next to the address text boxes

Walking Routes

For walking journeys you can select either the shortest route, or the suggested route. The suggested route will avoid sections of road which may not be suitable for pedestrians but please be aware that these routes will not necessarily have been specifically adapted for pedestrian traffic, eg there may not be pavements .

Cycling routes

For cycling our journey planner suggests fastest / quietest / balanced cycle journeys in the UK. It knows the Sustrans National Cycle Routes (NCR) and avoids hills. All results are provided by Cycle Streets. NCR on directions means National Cycle Route

  • Quietest route - Avoids busy roads where possible, more likely to require walking some sections
  • Fastest route - More likely to use busier roads
  • Balanced route - The most practical for the average cyclist who wants to get there quick-ish, and is happy to dismount for short sections

If you decide to follow any suggested journey please take extra care on unfamiliar sections; proceed at your own risk (route quality cannot be guaranteed).

Public Transport

Public transport journeys are available for up to three months in advance, select the dates and times at the top of the screen. Journeys planned more than 14 days in advance should be checked again.

Click on any of the options shown to display times and where the bus stops are. You can click on the bus stop for more information. To get details click on Timetable. For the real time bus information click, Departure Information from this stop. HCC is not responsible for the content of external web sites.

Driving Routes

For driving routes please avoid parking directly outside the schools.